Mission Statement

Here at Keystone, we aim to inspire everyone to reach their fullest potential. With our values of RESPECT, HARD-WORK, DISCIPLINE and COMMUNITY as our pillars, we strive for creative expression and to develop dance ability/ skill through the genre of Urban dance.

It is our mandate to facilitate a positive, safe, judgement-free environment, while balancing excellence in quality of dance and personal development   



 Respect teaches us to honour and value others and ourselves regardless of our differences. 



Hardwork improves us from the inside out and pushes us beyond our own known potential  



 Discipline keeps us accountable to one another and develops unity rooted in trust   



 Community provides us a sense of belonging and a safe place be encouraged and supported.  


Dan Cruz


Pursuing his love for dance, Dan is one of the founders of the Keystone Dance company. He began his dance journey with the Urban Hip Hop Union "UHHU" with Ryerson University. It was with the Urban Hip Hop Union where Dan trained in various styles ranging from commercial choreography, bboying, locking and KRUMP. He then later joined FOREAL dance company as a performer and choreographer. 

Dan has shared the stage with various musical artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Kardinal Official and Sean Paul. He has performed for various shows at the CBC centre, CTV, and local conventions choreographing introduction dances for artists such as Terry Crew, and Chris Pratt. Alongside performing, Dan has competed in dance competitions such as OUCH, BYOB, the Beatdown, World of Dance Toronto and many more. 

Known for his music selection and djay mixing knowledge, Dan has won numerous awards for Best Music mix, Smoothest Transitions, the Move and Groove award and Crowd Favorite. Dan currently teaches as a hip hop instructor at Dedicated to Dance company. His choreography has achieved the overall highest scores in the hip hop category for solos, duet/trios, and small group at competitions all across Canada. Having such as strong passion for mentoring and teaching the youth, has allowed Dan to become a requested choreographer in the GTA.

"I want to build the community. I want to enhance the respect, and educate the youth on the elements of hip hop, while creating a safe space to disciple the youth- encouraging artistic development, expression and freedom"  

Fernando Jr. Valles


Fernando found his passion mentoring the younger generation, being a youth leader in his community as youth himself at 14.

At 16 he was introduced to dance and from then on it never left him. Fernando has trained in KRUMP and the Urban dance genre for 10 years. At 18, he joined FOREAL Dance company competing in, The Beatdown Hip-Hop competition, World of dance Toronto and the Ontario Universities Competition for Hip-Hop (O.U.C.H), while being one of the main choreographers. Co-founder of Durham Underground Buckness (D.U.B), Fernando has trained with other KRUMP Families such has NorthBuck and Operation Zion battling in both Canada and the U.S.  

His choreography has also won awards placing first overall (in hip-hop) and achieving the highest scores in multiple dance competitions across Canada under Imagine studios in Peterborough.


Fernando has also been a judge in multiple competitive All-Styles dance battles for events such has Devo and Union containing world renown battlers and judges. A requested choreographer in the GTA, Fernando aims to develop the Hip-hop dance community. 

"My Goal with Keystone, isn't only to build a strong dance community in Durham, but to also provide a place where people and grow and express themselves through dance. A place where they can belong and feel supported"


Dan Cruz - fundraiser dance workshop

Fernando Jr. Valles - community workshop